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Good morning folks!.. This info came into my sharing intention. Therefore, I felt to convey it to you as well. As the British did it in India. Please do not get offended or what not.This is the bare truth!.. Globally yours, mas 27.2.15


Abstract: In the periods we mention, 75-80% of the population of Turkey, including my parents lived in villages and earned their keep from agriculture. Agricultural output constituted half of the internal revenue. Therefore, it was compulsory to advance the agriculture for the development of the country and social welfare. Almost all agricultural enterprises lacked the economical power. The farmer could only survive with the help of loans. The fact that production tools, in the first years of Republican era, were inefficient and primitive created a problem for agricultural funding that should be solved immediately. In this period, as there were no organized credit agencies, the farmer had to obtain the credit he needed from merchants or loan sharks at a very high interest. The loans made the farmer poorer. In order to lessen the burden of the farmer, the government tried to publicize agricultural credit with the help of The Agricultural Bank and led the farmers to found credit cooperative societies. The British managed to steal the native goats to make themselves rich!.. Keys: Agriculture, production, credit, farmer, usurer.


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